Policy Briefs and Papers

The “Definition” of Homelessness

NEW ICH Successfully Lobbies Against Resolution to Assist

Homeless Children, Families, & Youth


Questions & Answers on Expanding HUD’s

Definition of Homelessness

A Matter of Definition: Responding to

Homelessness Among Families, Children, and Youth

Letter to HUD Secretary Regarding Expanded

Definition of Homelessness

National Groups Support Amending HUD

Homeless Definition

The “Chronic

Homelessness” Initiative


& Answers about the “chronic homelessness



letter to the Interagency Council on Homelessness

regarding the “chronic homelessness initiative”

NPACH Perspective

NEW Guest Perspective: Current Federal Homelessness

Policy: A Failure of Imagination

Beyond Line Items and Accounts: The

President’s FY2007 Budget and Homelessness


Back, Moving Forward: Lessons Learned from the 2005


Preventing Recovery from Becoming Disaster


the Fine Print


NOFA Further Restricts Communities and Excludes



2006 Budget Toughest on Low-Income Americans


Year’s Resolution Out of Touch

A War on Poverty, or A War on the Poor?


Math, Old Equations

A New

Housing Internationalism?

Legislative, Policy, and Budget

NEW McKinney

Vento Paper: Recommendations and Sign on Request

NPACH Testimony on HUD McKinney-Vento Reauthorization

NPACH Comments on HUD 2006-2011 Five-Year Strategic Plan

NPACH Submits Testimony to Subcommittee on

Housing and Community Opportunity

NPACH Policy Recommendations on

Post-Hurricane Recovery

NAEHCY Legislative Update on

Homeless Education and Hurricane Katrina

National Organizations Express Concern over

Set-asides in HUD McKinney Budget

NPACH Recommendations on FY2006 HUD

Appropriations Bill

Other Policy Briefs

and Papers


Economic and Social Rights Initiative: FEMA Hotel

Evictions Violate Human Rights

Working hard, falling short: Millions of

Working Families Struggle to Make Ends Meet

Child Welfare League of America:

Another Viewpoint

Volunteers of America position on

Administration’s Samaritan Initiative


Ask Secretary to Clarify Statement

Committee Members Decry HUD Secretary’s

Comments on the Poor