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October 10, 2006: Anti-homelessness

Campaign Lags in Rural Areas (Salt Lake Tribune)

September 30, 2006: Homelessness

On the Rise (Daily Telegram, Lenawee County, MI)

August 17, 2006: This

is a terrible time to demolish public housing

July 30, 2006: Surge

in Homelessness (New York Post)

July 7, 2006: New Orleans

Public Housing Residents Hold Onto Return Demands

June 23, 2006: WWL

Video coverage of Tsunami Exchange Visit (Link to WWLTV.Com Video)

June 23, 2006: Tsunami

relief workers shocked by 9th Ward tour, say they expected more signs of


June16, 2006: HUD Builds

Katrina Hall of Shame

June 15, 2006: MD: Homelessness

rising faster in (Prince George’s) county than elsewhere

June 13, 2006: AFL-CIO

plans New Orleans boom

June 04, 2006: Salt Lake City, UT: Census:

More families homeless

June 04, 2006: Dunkirk,

NY: A ‘real’ problem

June 04, 2006: Illinois:

Homelessness not just an ‘urban problem’

May 22, 2006: Opinion:

Understanding Poverty and Homelessness in America

May 01, 2006: Colorado:

Some homeless break the stereotypes

May 01, 2006: New

Orleans: Group lays foundation to rebuild Lower 9th

April 27, 2006: New

Orleans: No time to retire

April 27, 2006: Opinion:

Homeless no more!

April 20, 2006: Riverside,

CA: Mobile homeless’ hidden plight

April 19, 2006: Juneau,

AK: Homeless Definition May Grow

April 16, 2006: Utah:

Homeless Ranks Rise in Schools

April 11, 2006: Madison,

WI: Housing program to attack homelessness

April 11, 2006: Providence,

RI: Citizens Bank Donates $350K To Crossroads

April 04, 2006: San

Francisco Community Land Trust: Victory for Low-Income


April 03, 2006: New York:

Slamming the door on the working poor

April 02, 2006: Keeping

It Secret as the Family Car Becomes a Home

April 02, 2006: Dalton,

GA: 10-15 percent of Whitfield residents may be homeless

March 31, 2006: Riverside,

CA: Migrant Workers Cram into Cars, Sheds, Boxes

March 24, 2006: Bellingham,

WA: Report: More than 1,200 homeless in county

March 24, 2006: Hurricane

victims must start paying rent for FEMA trailers May 1

March 23, 2006: Clearwater,

FL: Clearwater endorses county’s homeless plan

March 20, 2006: Dalton,

GA: Homeless definition may be expanded

March 19, 2006: North

Dakota: Homelessness nearly doubles in N.D.

March 16, 2006: Invest in

housing to curb the crisis

March 15, 2006: New

Orleans: Clear the way back to public housing

March 08, 2006: Seattle,

WA: The Plan to Nowhere?

March 05, 2006: Who Needs

the Mortgage-Interest Deduction?

February 22, 2006: Pawtucket,

RI: Homeless losing battle for shelter

Februrary 21, 2006: Six Months

After Katrina: Who Was Left Behind–Then and Now

February 16, 2006: Mobile,

AL: Survey: Homeless numbers have risen

February 16, 2006: Fredericksburg,

VA: Homelessness rising in area

February 15, 2006: Opinion:

Brainstorm on poverty a rich idea

February 15, 2006: New

Orleans: HANO urged to reopen complexes

February 15, 2006: ENGLAND:

Shelter UK faces ongoing battle

February 15, 2006: ENGLAND:

Homeless crisis deeper 40 years after landmark TV


February 14, 2006: Florida:

Bonita will contribute to shelter

February 14, 2006: Shreveport,

LA: Rescue Mission expansion worthy

February 13, 2006: New

Orleans: Changing Courses

February 07, 2006: Stockton,

CA: Number of homeless students on the rise

February 02, 2006: Do-it-Yourself

Disaster Relief Snubs New Orleans Planners

January 29, 2006: Altoona,

PA: Rural homelessness puts victims out of sight, mind

January 29, 2006: Surge in

Delaware Homelessness Alarming

January 27, 2006: Racine,

WI: Unified program assists homeless students

January 24, 2006: Boston,

MA: Hub sees 9% rise in homelessness; City census shows

family count jumps

January 05, 2006: Falls

Church, VA: Shelters Feel Regional Trend in Shortage of

Resources for Homeless

December 13, 2005: St.

Bernard Parish, LA: Parish president blasts FEMA over

temporary homes

December 13, 2005: Baton

Rouge, LA: After 14 Weeks, Evacuees Settle Into 14th Home

December 12, 2005: New

Orleans: Rental Quandary

November 15, 2005: New

Orleans: HANO to seal off closed complexes

November 12, 2005: New

Orleans: Picking up the pieces

November 08, 2005: New

Orleans: Give 75% of rebuilding work to locals, council


November 07, 2005: LOUISIANA:

First wave of evictions hits Orleans

October 31, 2005: Katrina

evacuees now face eviction

September 11, 2005: Louisiana

officials say FEMA too slow on housing

September 11, 2005: Orlando,

FL: Housing crunch squeezes evacuees