Latest News on Hurricane Harvey

Here are the latest articles appearing in publiucations regarding the  effects of Hurricane Harvey and relating to homelessness and housing 

After the rain, eviction notices for many

 9/5/2017 Houston cronicle By Lise Olsen and Ryan Maye Handy-                                                                        A week after the rain stopped, the eviction notices started showing up.

By Labor Day, managers of swamped apartment complexes across the Houston area were informing tenants that it’s time to pack up their things and find another place to live.

“These first floors units will not be livable and current conditions pose a significant danger to you,” warned one sympathetically worded email to residents of a complex in Fort Bend County. “We regret that this damage has occurred, and we are taking steps as rapidly as possible to repair the damage,” said another notice, tacked to the inside of a door in Bellaire.Read more..


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