In the UK a prefabricated house transformer for homeless and low-income people has been developed

The project of the house with a total area of only 26 square meters was designed and implemented by the order of the famous charity YMCA, which for several years is looking for an alternative to traditional housing, the cost of which in the UK is very high to settle the poor and homeless, who are temporarily living in hostels. Conceived at the same time to lower the price level by about 40%, YMCA did not want to lose quality, so before the architects was a task to create affordable housing, but energy-efficient and attractive.

Y-Cube is an elongated parallelepiped, covered with a gable roof sloping. Conciseness of this solution is compensated by the bright color palette developed by the architects. For example, the edges of the already produced a prototype have bright red color, the main facades are painted in black and the roof in the steel. In the same time absolutely all parts of the buildings are made at the factory. In total, it takes about 8 weeks, and 1 week for the delivery and installation of Y-Cube on the place.

The total cost of the house for homeless and low-income people is about 30 000 pounds. For this price the buyer actually gets a one bedroom apartment in the UK, the interior layout of which can be quickly and painlessly tailored to the needs of a particular family. However, YMCA expects that the majority of these houses will be used as leased for a period of 3 to 5 years home, during which a young family could accumulate to more substantial shelter.

In February 2014 Y-Cube prototype has passed all the required tests, and received, in particular, the highest score on the system code for sustainable housing British construction environmental standards for facilities of public order. Now YMCA is waiting for the implementation of two parties on 36 objects which will be placed in two areas of Greater London. From the residential units will be made two-storey houses and three-storey houses, and the received sections will form residential quarters with landscaped courtyard.

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