Homeless State Programs

Although many people would argue that global governments are not doing enough to address the problem of homelessness, there are some examples of state programs that are addressing the issue. Most of these programs are intended to provide a living environment as well as clothing and food to those less fortunate. However, it has been discovered that many of the homeless people are unaware of the existence of these programs and have not been properly educated on how to take advantage of the resources that are offered. There are also some homeless programs, such as Section 8, that offer specialized benefits to certain homeless groups like armed forces veterans.

One effective state program that has been employed to good results is the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program in Australia. This program provides the financial support necessary for over one thousand individual organizations to provide services to the homeless population. In addition to dealing with homeless people, many of the organizations look to support those people who are on the verge of becoming homeless as a way to prevent the growth of homelessness.

In the United States, the majority of the state programs are actually run by city governments. The Community Partnership for Homeless in Miami is a prime example of this type of program that is focused on only a small region. The program has been extremely effective, with an 83 percent reduction in the county’s homeless population. The model of the program is to first find shelter for a homeless person and then engage them in job training and all of the services, such as child care, that will be needed for the person to maintain a normal life. The Miami model is currently being used as the inspiration for many similar city programs throughout various areas in the United States.

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