My name

My name is John Scott. I was born and raised in Santa Monica, Southern California

This is where I learned that =self-esteem= is an important factor for happiness and that its purpose is to help us feel our best with ourselves and with other people.

To this I dedicate myself from almost 25 years and the good thing is that I have changed my life and my relations and that I have verified with my family and many more people of my environment than if we think that it is possible and we practice it in our life, the method it works.

In these years, I have given self-esteem courses to educators. Parents of families, grandparents and teachers, as well as social workers, retirees and volunteers, in Spain, the United States, Italy, Belgium, Peru, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Since 1992, I have published 10 books on these subjects and I have dedicated part of my activity giving lectures, giving and sharing courses and writing articles led by interested people to be happier and to do more Happy people from their environment.

My last books are aimed at proposing suggestions that help us feel good and are aimed at people who want to improve their lives, their relationships and their own day to day doing something about it.

Above all, I want to reserve a sufficient part of my life to the pleasures of the couple, family, friendships, painting, sculpture, cooking and other things that can make me feel good about myself and in this way contribute to others People around me also feel good.

In the city of Rome I live since 1984, when I arrived from Chile. For 15 years I worked as an architect, but due to different circumstances, I started to get interested in the art, archeology and history of Rome, obtaining in 1999 the Guide License of Rome, a city that I consider an urban paradigm, as well as a mother city … .. in the world.

20 years of study in the history and archeology of Rome, Renaissance and Baroque art, have given me a new way of seeing the world. This experience is what I transmit during my illustrated visits and my lessons about Rome, to make them relive centuries of lives, architecture, art, as well as political, religious and ludic events.

However, my visits to Rome are not only academic, with me they will be able to live Rome as the Romans do. I will share with you, your traditions, customs, uses and diversions.

My interst in the homeless stems from the observations I have made living in various cultures around the world and living closely with people that had various levels of affluence. The only thing that sometimes makes a person living in a tent different from a person living in a Beverly Hills Mansion is a matter of luck . Believe me luck is very fickle and can do   huge things in a person’s life.