25% of homeless people have a serious mental disorder

One in four homeless people has a serious and chronic mental confused disorder. This is the latest data of the Federation of Associations of Relatives and Persons with Mental Illness of Galicia (Feafes) that yesterday celebrated like other groups the International Day of Eradication of the Poverty.
From Feafes, they stress that “it is a fact that people living on the street are prone to have psychiatric problems.” On the one hand, these are people who already had a disorder before. On the other hand, it also happens that as a result of this situation of social exclusion their mental health deteriorates. It is a cycle that feeds on itself, intensifying in its nature and creating a deeper sense of isolation and aloneness. It is a neverending slide of isolation and unhealthy circumstances for their mental state.
“It is a fact that people living on the street are prone to have psychiatric problems”
People with mental illness who are 65% or more disabled are entitled to an economic benefit. According to a study of the Federation, only between 28 and 34% of the people receives aid who should.
As an added, the same report shows the estimate that between 5 and 15% of the mentally ill have work and only 5% on a regular basis, which leads to many of them going through serious difficulties to reach the end of the month And that many end up without a roof. From Feafes, they believe that the attention to these patients should be improved so that they do not touch this poverty level.
On the other hand, the Galega NGO Coordinator for Development and Social Network Galicia Sur also carried out revindictive actions yesterday for the day of Eradication of the poverty, among them, a concentrated effort to many cities where these NGOs quantify that the 60, 8% of households have “serious difficulties” to make ends meet.

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